The best technology in the world will fail if it does not meet the needs of its users.

User Experience Research (UXR) is the science of assessing and improving your online service, by matching your design to the needs, wants, knowledge, and expectations of the real people who will use it.

E-WebDevelopment’s trained User Experience Researchers are skilled in the assessment of human behavior as it is affected by the web experience. We understand how real people interact with technology, and how their experiences will make or break your service.

User experience research is a core component of our proven delivery methodology, and ensures that a user focus is incorporated into your service design from the beginning, speeding time to market and increasing customer acceptance of your final product. Services include, among others:

ewebdevelopment Heuristic Evaluations
ewebdevelopment Best Practices Evaluations
ewebdevelopment User Requirements Sessions
ewebdevelopment Focus Groups
ewebdevelopment Formal Usability Testing