For starters, it is imperative to fully understand the challenges and opportunities inherent in building e-businesses.

Today, the relatively low cost of entry and easy access to solutions allow almost anyone to build an e-business. To build a successful E-business – however – energy must be devoted to laying the groundwork – developing an E-business strategy.

Made simple, you start by presenting us your idea. Then it’s our turn. We start by identifying and analysing your target audience and competitors. The end result of the e-business consulting is known as the technical specification. This will contain everything from outlining the needs of your audience, enlisting the required functionalities of the digital platform, to the means and channels of promotion. Maria Calinescu, Owner

Rather than launching one-off initiatives, the most successful brands are developing digital programs that are holistic, integrated and strategic.

“Going digital” really means authentically interacting with an audience through all of the platforms that make sense in order to reach the consumer in a way that is seamless, intuitive and enhances brand identity.

Make no mistake: brands that do not commit to a holistic digital media strategy will lose ground. Consumers are giving their time, trust, reputation and money to businesses; they should receive more than simply the product or service they buy in return.

We can help you define your digital universe and create the road map to the heart of your clients.

ewebdevelopment User Research

We’ll help you understand exactly what your users want and need to optimize engagement.

ewebdevelopment Industry and Segment Best Practices

We use best practice to enhance user experience. We look at your competitors and comparators to inform decision making and prioritise enhancements which bring the best results.

ewebdevelopment Functional and Technological Road Map (Specifications)

We define the technology plan to get you from here to THERE – where risk is minimised and the greatest economic benefit derived.