Brand Identity Design for you at the highest level. (web page template, logos, newsletter template, flyers, spiders, presentations, e-banners, labels and packaging)

The User Experience Design Group draws on user-centered research, best practices, and design processes to create compelling, intuitive solutions to our clients’ needs.

The User Experience Design (UXD) group is comprised of three user-focused knowledge bases: Information Architecture, Visual Design, and Design Technology. UXD documents, interprets, and translates a client’s conceptual product philosophy into a solution that is visually appealing, functional, and intuitive without compromising product integrity.

ewebdevelopment User Experience Architecture

The purpose of User Experience Architecture is one of user advocacy. Based on the desires, wants, needs, goals, and knowledge base of a user, the User Experience Architect (UXA) determines the solution features and organizes them into an overall site structure. The UXA creates site maps, wire frames, process flows, and identifies the requirements of the other development disciplines in order to maintain the integrity of the final product and user experience.

ewebdevelopment Visual Design

Visual Design’s primary role is to use visual elements – color, type, imagery, and layout – to communicate the creative vision, value proposition, and underlying structure and functionality of a user experience. More than just graphic design, Visual Design balances form and function to create a solution both aesthetically appealing and simple to use for the target audience, while being true to the product’s brand.

ewebdevelopment Design Technology

Design Technologists (DTs) are client-side developers responsible for display-level code such as HTML/CSS, HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript/jQuery, XML/XSL, ASP, JSP and others. DTs collaborate with Visual Designers and UX Architects on user experience design for desktop, tablet, and mobile uses, including responsive design, as well as with Software Engineers to integrate visual design with backend technical infrastructure.